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Don’t let those big franchise companies fool you!
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look out for non local phone numbers on web searches they a  are 3rd party lead generators for companines and get a cut costing you more!

MT.Washington Sewer & Drain Cleaning service has been serving North Conway New  Hampshire

 since 2005

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Tree​ Roots Clogging Your Sewer?
Tree root season is here and so are the clogged sewers from tree roots. This past winter New Hampshire has a warmer than usual winter allowing for an extended root season. Roots grow into your sewer lateral via cracks, sleeved, joints, breaks, off sets, poorly installed sewer lines. During the warmer months roots grow in search of water and continue to grow at an even faster growth period during the fall.
We provide service to the North Conway, Intervale, Glen, Jackson, Gorham, Berlin, Ossipee, Littleton, Lancaster  New Hampshire area’s

With professional service for all your drain cleaning needs
Roots removed with professional equipment not cheap store rental units with under sized cables,blades and motors. We use the best
Machines for your sewer service needs we carry the DM-55 a tree roots biggest nightmare
The power needed to remove tree roots. With over 200 feet of root ripping power this heavy weight delivers true professional results. We also carry other strong machines is space is limited to small spaces.

Our Local North Conway

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North Conway New Hampshire Are You Having Plumbing Clog Problems?

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MT. Washington 

North Conway New Hampshire​ Don't Let Your Business Suffer Down Time Due To Clogged Plumbing Sewers or Drains 
A clogged drain or sewer can send your business into down time. No business wants down time.

This means your losing money and customers
We service many local businesses, restaurants We also provide preventive maintenance to keep your business “flowing”
We service Main sewer clogs, Kitchen drains, floor drains, Camera inspections Jetting, Electric rooter machines over 200 feet.

​Do I have Bermico/Orangeburg Pipe

This sewer pipe Better known locally as Bermico. Bermico was manufactured in the Berlin NH, Paper mill  and was heavily used in New Hampshire. There’s a good chance if you home was built during the 1950’s and 1970’s you could have Bermico?  Bermico has a very short service life of less than 25 years
Seen in this image is Bermico pipe during video pipe inspection “notice the pipe has an oval shape to it”. Once the bermico starts to oval the pipe will soon cause blockages and then fail. Tree roots can crush bermico pipe. Bermico should be replaced as soon as possible. Camera inspections can tell you the condition your sewer is in. Snaking alone is only a guessing game and should be handled with extreme care snaking can speed up the pipe failure process. High pressure jetting can blow  holes in the pipe or completely destroy Bermico pipe.

Here is a small section of Bermico This little piece of history was found in a basement in Berlin NH, It’s rare to find a piece of Bermico in this condition and now is being used to educate home owners of the problems facing their residential sewer laterals if Bermico was used?

What is Bermico/Orangeburge made of? Bermico is a wood fiber pipe, impregnated with pitch light in weight. Bermico fiber pipe has tapered sleeve joints. Sleeved joints allow roots to easily grow into your sewer and cause bermico to fail.
Call today for a camera inspection
For more history on  Bermico/Orangeburg pipe check out sewer history articles

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