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Lynn Dion Thanks for the kind words we work hard to earn your trust and business
Rod . . . "YOU 'DA MAN!" Seriously folks. This guy showed up as soon as we called. St. Barnabas Church had a major sewer back-up. He was there for hours last evening removing lots of Yucka Stuff from our old, narrow drain pipes. Of course, that's his job and he does it well. BUT . . . how many plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. who come to your home "CLEAN UP THE MESS WHEN THEY'RE DONE!!???!? He dragged the sopping wet rug outdoors, mopped and bleached and deodorized the place too! I did a littled "tweaking" today, new rugs, etc. Now we're all ready for Easter Sunday! Sooooo happy with this man's work. You gotta call him if you're ever in need. He'll do it right. Thanks Rod!

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Tree Root clogging season is here North Conway NH, Call us for your Clogged Sewer, Clogged Plumbing and Clogged Drains

It’s fall again and you know what that means “Root Season” Tree roots hit their rapid growth season Fall and Winter Don’t know who to call? For fast Sewer Line Cleaning.

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We service the service the North Conway, Jackson, Berlin New Hampshire area’s "NEW 2016" We now service Bethel, ME and Fryburg, ME With professional service 24 hour emergency service "Fully Insured"

Call us to get the roots out! Plumbing Clogs, Sewer and Drain Backups.

Tree roots grow in search of water and nutrients during the fall and winter we call this the rapid growth season.

This is when most sewer clogs happen Tree roots hit rapid growth once the leaves turn color. Clearing a sewer line is hard dirty work that requires service from a professional drain company and should not be attempted on your own “DIY”

Small sink and tub drains or easy a sewer is a beast on it’s own Tool rental companies rent machines that are underpowered with wrong cable size and blades that can flip in the sewer and become stuck or wrap up and brake your fingers or an arm!  These machines you think will save you money but don’t.

Drain cleaning companies don’t use the drain machines you find in tool rental shops or your local big box supply store that’s because these machines are not meant to be used in sewers. You can buy one of theirs for a couple hundred bucks while drain companies cost thousands because they were built to handle sewer clogs with heavy duty cable, blades and gear boxes.

If your sewer clogs call a pro and get the job done right Call MT. Washington Sewer 

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Our company MT. Washington Sewer & Drain Cleaning is a full-service sewer & drain cleaning company specializing in all aspects of drain & sewer cleaning  for commercial, residential and commercial.

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